Prospective Players

Joining the Lads

The Lads have a long and storied tradition of winning, dedication, and sportsmanship. The Rice Lads team is the highest level of competitive soccer at Rice University. 

The regular season takes place in Fall (late August, September and October) and may extend well into November, depending on our success as a club in the postseason. The months of December through April hold no official league play, but often involve the chance to participate in Houston area men's leagues (both indoor and outdoor) as well as friendly games. In addition to this, players often compete for their residential colleges in IM college soccer. 

Despite its competitive nature, the team is an outlet for students to engage in physical activity outside of class and continue playing soccer through their college years. It has always been a club policy that class and University commitments come first. New Lads soon develop strong time management skills in order to accommodate both soccer and school.  

Official Tryouts

A three-day official tryout is held during the first week of class and is open to all Rice University students. Evaluations of players will be based upon their level of physical fitness, their technical and tactical skills, as well as performance during full sided play. 

An initial round of cuts will be made after the 2nd day of tryouts and the final roster will be announced after the 3rd day of tryouts. Shin guards and soccer cleats are required in order to try out. 

Dates and locations for the official tryouts will be posted on our Home page as well as in the Announcements section. 

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